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J Bergman, RO Pedersen, EJ Lundgren, RT Lemoine, S Monsarrat, MH Schierup, J-C Svenning. Worldwide late-Quaternary population declines in extant megafauna are due to Homo sapiens rather than climate. bioRxiv

L Wang, JPGM Cromsigt, R Buitenwerf, EJ Lundgren, W Li, ES Bakker, J-C Svenning. Megafauna explain tree cover and its heterogeneity in natural ecosystems globally. In Review: Nature Communications


AD Wallach, D Ramp, A Benítez, EIF Wooster, S Carroll, A Carthey, E Rogers, O Middleton, KJA Zawada, J-C Svenning, E Avidor, EJ Lundgren [senior author]. Savviness of prey to introduced predators. Conservation Biology doi:10.1111/cobi.14012 PDF

EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, OM Middleton, EIF Wooster, E Kusch, M Balisi, WJ Ripple, CD Hasselerharm, JN Sanchez, M Mills, and AD Wallach. Novel trophic cascade between cougars and feral donkeys shapes desert wetlands. Journal of Animal Ecology open access. Featured in Research Highlight

EIF Wooster, D Ramp, E Yanco, G Bonsen, EJ Lundgren, and AD Wallach. 2022. Predator protection dampens the landscape of fear. Oikos

EJ Lundgren, KT Moeller, MO Clyne, OM Middleton, SM Mahoney, CL Kwapich. Cicada nymphs are important food for desert-dwelling American black bears. Ecology and Evolution 12(3): e8577. open access


EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, JC Stromberg, J Wu, NC Nieto, M Sluk, KT Moeller, and AD Wallach. 2021. Equids engineer desert water availability. Science 372:491-495. PDF

EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, J Wu, M Sluk, KT Moeller, JC Stromberg, AD Wallach. 2021. Feral equids’ varied effects on ecosystems. Science 373: 973-974. PDF

EJ Lundgren, SD Schowanek, O Middleton, J Rowan, RØ Pedersen, AD Wallach, D Ramp, M Davis, CJ Sandom, J-C Svenning. 2021. Functional traits of the world’s late Quaternary large-bodied avian and mammalian herbivores. Nature Scientific Data open access

EIF Wooster, D Ramp, EJ Lundgren, AJ O’Neill, and AD Wallach. 2021. Red foxes avoid apex predation without increasing fear. Behavioral Ecology arab053. PDF

SD Schowanek, M Davis, O Middleton, RØ Pedersen, EJ Lundgren, J Rowan, D Ramp, CJ Sandom, J-C Svenning. 2021. Reintroducing extirpated herbivores could partially reverse the late Quaternary decline of large and grazing species. Global Ecology and Biogeography 30:896-908. PDF


EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, J Rowan, O Middleton, Simon D. Schowanek, Oscar Sanisidro, Scott P. Carroll, Matt Davis, Christopher J. Sandom, Jens-Christian Svenning, Arian D. Wallach. Introduced megafauna restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. PDF

AD Wallach, EJ Lundgren, C Batavia, MP Nelson, E Yanco, WL Linklater, SP Carroll, D Celermajer, KJ Brandis, J Steer, D Ramp. 2020. When all life counts in conservation. Conservation Biology PDF

Nelson, MP, C Batavia, KJ Brandis, SP Carroll, D Celermajer, W Linklater, EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, J Steer, E Yanco, and AD Wallach. 2020. Challenges at the intersection of conservation and ethics: Reply to Meyer et al. 2021. Conservation Biology


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S Mahoney, AN Smith, PJ Motyka, EJ Lundgren, R Winton, B Stevens, MJ Johnson. 2019. Non-native Russian olive-dominated (Elaeagnus angustifolia) habitat supports similar bird communities to native habitat: Implications for biological control. Journal of Arid Environments 167:26-33 PDF


EJ Lundgren, D Ramp, WJ Ripple, AD Wallach. 2018. Introduced megafauna are rewilding the Anthropocene. Ecography PDF Editor's Choice Award

AD Wallach, D Ramp, WJ Ripple, EJ Lundgren. 2018. Invisible megafauna. Conservation Biology 32(4): 962-965 PDF

AD Wallach, EJ Lundgren, EJ Yanco, and D Ramp. 2018b. Is the prickly pear a ‘Tzabar’? Diversity and conservation of Israel’s migrant species. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 63(3-4) PDF


EJ Lundgren, KT Moeller. 2017. Anti-Predator Strategies of, and Possible Thanatosis in, Juvenile Collared Peccaries (Pecari tajacu). The Southwestern Naturalist 62: 235-237. PDF

KT Moeller, AK Moeller, F Moyano, and EJ Lundgren. 2017. Observation of an American Black Bear eating odonates in Yosemite National Park. Western North American Naturalist 77: 9. PDF

PB Shafroth, KJ Schlatter, M Gomez-Sapiens, EJ Lundgren, MR Grabau, J Ramírez-Hernández, E Rodríguez-Burgueño, KW Flessa. 2017. A large-scale experiment for riparian restoration in the Colorado River delta. Ecological Engineering PDF

Non-academic publications


EJ Lundgren, AD Wallach, D Ramp,. April 30, 2021. “Feral desert donkeys are digging wells, giving water to parched wildlife”. The Conversation


AD Wallach, C Batavia, D Celermajer, D Ramp, EJ Lundgren, E Yanco. November 28, 2019. “Non-native species should count in conservation – even in Australia”. The Conversation


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