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Science Friday, National Public Radio: Rethinking Invasive Species with Pablo Escobar’s Hippos

Heat Death: The War on Invasive Species Is Making Things Worse: An Interview With Erick Lundgren

Quirks and Quarks, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Wild donkeys and horses dig wells in the desert, and create a refuge for plants and animals

Outpost Media: Wild Science: Ecosystem Engineers

Quirks and Quarks, CBC: How Pablo Escobar's escaped hippos are helping to restore an ancient ecosystem



Los Angeles Times: Mountain lions are eating California wild donkeys. Why scientists say this a good thing

The New York Times and Seattle Times: Death Valley’s Invasive Donkeys Have Become Cat Food

Smithsonian Magazine: Cougars Are Killing Feral Donkeys, and That’s Good for Wetlands

Science: First photos of cougars killing donkeys in Death Valley suggest big impacts for ecosystem


Smithsonian: Wild Donkeys and Horses Dig Wells That Provide Water for a Host of Desert Species

National Geographic: Wild horses and donkeys dig wells in the desert, providing water for wildlife

Cosmos: Horses and donkeys engineer water for desert ecosystems


The New York Times: Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age Extinctions

The Washington Post, The Great Conundrum of Pablo Escobar’s Hippos

The Guardian, Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' show how invasive species can restore a lost world

Others: El Pais, National Geographic, Delayed Gratification, Huffpost, Popular Science, Newsweek,, IFL Science


Undark; picked up by High Country News & Popular Science: Death Valley’s Park Service wants them gone. But are wild donkeys really the enemy?

Anthropocene Magazine: How would biodiversity look if we counted non-native animals?


The National Geographic: These Giant Invasive Beasts May Actually Be Good for the Planet

Anthropocene Magazine: Big, non-native mammal invaders: not a problem, but a solution

New Scientist: Large non-native species like donkeys can boost biodiversity

Earther: Invasive hippos, camels, and elephants offer a glimmer of hope for Earth’s megafauna